Business Law

Business Law

You have worked hard to grow your business. You have taken time and care to develop your business plan. How do you navigate through the minefields? How to protect yourself as a business owner?  How can you be proactive rather than reactive?

Iglesia Martell is here to help you maintain your vision and avoid some of the minefields along the way.  We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Business Formations & Dissolutions
  • Employee Handbook
  • Internal Controls & Review of policies that reduce liability and risk
  • Disability and ADA issues
  • Employee Benefits
  • Arbitration

Conscious Contracts  & Coaching

Creating Conscious contracts means reaching agreement with others with a shared vision, mission, and values.  Our coaching and one-on-one zoom sessions empower clients with the tools and guidance you need to build a framework to successfully navigate through the business challenges and to strategically become part of a larger organic structure in business relationships by place yourself and your stakeholders in a place of alignment with their core values.

We assist your business and help explore your purpose, your mission, and whether you are in alignment with your values and meeting the goals and aspirations you had when you dreamed and manifested your business in place.

By focusing on entering into “conscious contracts,” businesses and individuals embark in a journey aligning your core values with your business practices, creating sustainability in your business relationships, and being a partner with the world you wish to be a part of globally. The conscious business model is all about the footprint you seek to create in the world that you and your business leave to the generations that follow in the years and decades to come.

Contact us today for more information about protecting your business or to set up a consultation and discuss coaching opportunities.

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