As the inhabitants of this very special planet, we often ask ourselves where we are going and when will we get there. We are in such a rush to get there that we miss those present moments that fill our lives with joy.  Maybe the question is not where are we going, but instead, where we are, and perhaps once we are aware and awake, we can see that we have already arrived.

As children we arrived with a plan, but somewhere along our paths, we began to forget that plan. We get caught up in the drama of what we believe life is. We lose the joy. We lose the hope. We lose parts of own light. In time, we allow ourselves to drift into the shadows forgetting how we are interconnected with each other and with our source. Fear, doubt, and despair creep in. Let us ask ourselves, “Who does this belong to?”

We slip from being “in the vortex” and feel that we are caught spinning in the vortex. We doubt that we are worthy. We doubt that we are majestic and that we can create.  We have lost the faith, the joy, and the utter splendor of the human experience.

We have no time for one another, no time for our children, we drift off into distorted reality of what we think we want: more financial security, a better and more understanding partner, a better job, more time, less stress. Ultimately we become consumed by the pursuit of those goals. We see what we don’t have rather than what we have.

“Beliefs are things we keep telling ourselves until we believe it to be true.”

Our birth, rebirths, and change all arise from the power of our intentions. We are vibrational beings. We create our own resistance. When we allow ourselves to resist that which we know to be in our best intentions we create a schism that prevents us from achieving the very thing we desire. When we allow ourselves the ability to let go, we release ourselves from our own resistance and we fly and soar to our own greatest heights. Whether we soar to our own heavens or not is up to us. Whether we allow ourselves true greatness of spirit is also up to us. It is easier to blame others when we don’t listen to ourselves.

What we put out into the universe, our intentions, we see it all manifest before us. We are all weavers of our destiny, and as weavers, we represent hope, rebirth, and change.

Just Create the Vision – You are the Creator

Are you worrying about things that do not matter?

Don’t get stuck in limitation

Think about what you want, not what you don’t want

Life is an adventure — you just have to be willing to go and find joy in it.

Like the phoenix, we rise from the ashes, transforming and re-creating ourselves each time in our lives. So join me in this adventure as we set sail, defying time and space to create and enjoy anew. That is why we are here. Dream the world you wish to live in.  The power of your words and intention create the endless possibilities that bring you the person you have dreamed you would be.