How do we plant the seeds of change? It’s as easy as being the change you want to see in the world.

As a gardener, I know when a garden is planted with love, so I am always planting seeds, weeding, nurturing the plants as they grow. Although at times I forget what I have planted, I never forget the bountiful harvest when it happens, or how grateful I am when I bite into the first tomato of the season, or how wonderful it is to share this harvest with family and friends. What I sometimes forget is that we all need to apply these principles to our own lives.


In life, I plant the seed of wisdom so that I may know who I am, what tracks I leave, how to share my gifts, and when I am wrong. I plant the seed of love so that I can know peace and compassion and be open to hear and accept the pain, the hurt, and the oppression others may feel. I plant the seed of respect so that I can be patient and listen better to others and honor all creation, especially mother earth and her children. I plant the seed of courage so that I may do right even when the consequences are unpleasant. I plant the seed of humility so that I may know forgiveness and know that I am equal to and no better than others. I plant the seed of honesty so that I am accountable to myself and others. I plant the seed of truth so that I may be authentic and align my thoughts with my actions and words. And I weed out what does not support my health and growth.

Some call these seven words — wisdom, love, respect, courage, humility, honesty, and truth — the seven grandfather teachings, or the wisdom of the grandmothers. I call it how to live life.

We are the power of creation guided by the source. Each one of us can create ripple effects when we honor these teachings, and these ripples increase exponentially, changing the universe, because life is like water . . . forever changing.

So to be the change and reawaken your spirit, take the time and ask yourself the following questions:

1.      What do I see right now and why am I reacting this way?

2.      What does it mean for me?

3.      Do I feel fragmented or whole?

4.      How do I soften the rigidity in my heart and find peace?

5.      Am I contributing to the conflict, and if so, how do I change this current situation?

6.      What kind of future am I creating if I am stuck in the woundedness of the past?

7.      Am I appreciating and expressing true gratitude for all the gifts in my life, or am I feeling indebtedness?

8.      What are my gifts and strengths?

9.      Am I acknowledging these gifts and strengths?

10.  How do I help others with these gifts and put it forward toward peace?

11.  How can I be the change I want to see in the world?

When we act with intention for the change we seek, it changes from the problem we need to solve, to the path toward the journey of a lifetime, lighting the way to why we are on this planet and our original purpose.

When the eagles fly high as the drum beats in my soul and penetrates through the space and time dimension, I say AHO!

— Angie Martell