Once upon a time, a little mouse lived on a farm. She was afraid of leaving her little mouse hole because she had been warned that mice that leave the hole often perish in the big bad world. Her parents, who perished long ago, had told her of the many dangers on this farm. They told her that not only creatures who walk on four legs can be dangerous — the ones who walk on two legs can be dangerous as well. This fear consumed the poor mouse such that she rarely ventured out. One day the mouse was so hungry that she left her hole, and on the way, she met a majestic eagle that wanted very much to eat her. The eagle told mouse, every day I watch you afraid to venture out, your fear keeping you close to home; why should I not put you out of your misery and eat you?

“Please, Mr. Eagle, don’t eat me. I don’t taste very good. If you spare me, I will help you get food since I am closer to the ground.” The eagle asked, “Why should I do that?”  The mouse said, “Well if you eat me, you only have a meal for a day, while if you don’t eat me, I can provide you with food as long as I live, as long as you take me on your adventures. Just like you have been observing me, I have been observing you and admiring your fearlessness and independence. Please take me with you.”

Eagle agreed and mouse and eagle flew into the sky to enjoy many more adventures.


We all have fears. But when you conquer your fears, you free yourself from the self-imposed limitations. You are your own obstacle. Fear causes the lock and the lock exists in the subconscious mind in the form of prompters that are placed there by your conscious mind. Fear is the negative use of faith. No matter how you choose to think, you are calling into existence the very things you believe in. Thought and conviction equals manifestation. There are no limits in your ability to create. Thought plus faith creates. Change the way you think, and you change the energy. Imagine the impossible for it is within your grasp. Take fear out of change. Remove that internal prompter. The story of the mouse reminds us how often we prefer to stay in our safe areas limiting ourselves from experiencing true greatness. When we stand up to the fears we find our own solutions. Rethinking a situation is our greatest tool for transforming ourselves.


1. Intention + Duration +Integrity = Desired Change

2. Eliminate negative thinking and fears from your mind. Ask yourself who does this belong to?

3. Think positively for a period of 30 days.

4. Be what you want to give.

5. Learn to forgive.

6. Learn to accept responsibility.

7. How you walk your walk will determine your journey.

8. Define your vision and align your thoughts and words to be in agreement with it.

9. Have gratitude.

10. Let go.